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I’ve been in real estate sales since 1984 and have been fortunate enough to enjoy considerable success virtually from the start of my career. I earned my Broker’s designation after just 3 years in the business and in 1991 was acknowledged as the New Homes Salesperson of the Year from the state of New Jersey and then in 1996 I was recognized as one of the top 10 RE/MAX agents in the state.

After arriving in the valley over 20 years ago, it took me about two years to once again attain those lofty performance standards. By 2000 I had reached the Platinum Level of production for RE/MAX and my individual statistics ranked me among the Top 5 salespersons in the company’s southwest region (Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada).

By 2002 I was no longer marketing myself as an individual, but as a team, and had reached the Chairman’s Club level of production for RE/MAX. That achievement meant that I essentially doubled my performance in just two years.

In 2004 my team and I were awarded what I call the Triple Crown of Real Estate Performance. We led our organization, (RE/MAX Fine Properties) in the three key categories by which all Realtors are evaluated. We had the most sales, we successfully marketed the most listings and we recorded the highest sales volume in the organization.

In the years that followed, I’ve not only demonstrated that I can maintain that level of performance, but my efforts eventually earned me membership in both the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and, then in 2007, the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Club. The latter is a designation that was created for those whose performance so far exceeds the already lofty Hall of Fame criteria that it required additional recognition.

In the years since, and to this day, my team and I have not only maintained an extraordinarily high level of performance, earning us the Titon award in 2015 and, at various times, inclusion in the Top 100 Teams in the RE/MAX organization for the entire United States, but we have also maintained our standards and stand behind our motto – Professional Service = Proven Results.

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